Back on Track

After the interview on Monday, I saw the positive side of that 2 hours drive and 30 minutes conversation. I was hyped, I learned something new. But sitting here now, I don't see that positive side any more, since It didn't produce the ultimate outcome I wanted. Somehow it doesn't mean as much as it did 2 days ago. I'm use to hearing, "we wish you have more experience". That's what everyone I've talked to so far that seem to be interested in me ends up saying. But this time, it was different and it was the first time someone told me their "honest" opinion during an interview. At least I'm hoping it was honest. The guy pretty much said he doesn't think I'm going to like the job based on my previous work and talking to me.  Based on his description of the job, my interpretation is "I think the job might be too rough and dirty for you". Oh well, he's kinda right. I could have tried to talk myself in, but I knew he was right. If something better came along, I won't have to think twice, and I get the feeling that's what he's trying to avoid. The positive side of the interview that I don't seem to fancy anymore was some tips he gave me on polishing up my resume. Some of it I agreed with his recommendation and made adjustments.The others I felt are one person's opinion, everyone is going to want you to write your resume a different way to suit their taste. There are plenty of right ways to write a resume, so I guess now it's a matter of what I'm comfortable presenting.

Took a break yesterday from applying and rewriting my resume for the 100th time. I think that was a good thing because I woke up today all motivated and ready to start afresh again. So, I'm back on track now, applying and trying to use my connections. I'm seriously praying that this round of applications yield some good fruits.

I actually got a call already, possible interview next week. Praying this one goes all the way through and I actually like the job.


  1. Amen! Just got back from bible study and we prayed about your job search. And the important thing to note is that it may seem like its taking forever but actually it's taking just the right amount of time. You wouldn't want to eat uncooked cake, you have to wait till the exact set time when that timer goes off. Then, you have a very well done cake that taste awesome and you have absolutely no chance of getting sick from it.
    God knows your the right job and the right time already so enjoy your period of waiting and remember to keep thanking HIM.

  2. Keep doing what you are doing sweetie, I know God have the best and perfect plan for you. Lastly, you know I will always stand by you. It's well....

  3. You are totally right sis. God's timing is the best, and I am very thankful. Thanks babe, I know you'll always be there.


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