Now that the long weekend is over, it's back to the regular routine. I enjoyed having my hubby at home with me for an extra day. Makes my week go by faster. We went into NYC for the first since we've moved here and that was fun. The commute was about a 40 minutes train ride, which wasn't bad at all. It doesn't even feel that long when on the train. The weather wasn't very nice, it was very cold, so that put a haste on everything. We made it to a couple of my favorite stores so I got my kick for the day.

While roaming the streets of NYC, I felt the need to climb a statue and coming down wasn't as easy as going up. Lesson Learned.

Can you tell I was cold?


  1. Tell Davo to slow down o... lol, I can see his cheeks are expanding exponentially ;) Great job sis!

  2. Lol...sign of good living, abi now.


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