Weekend in Bmore/DC

 Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was fun and tiring. Started my Saturday as early as 6am, that doesn't happen very often because waking up early is just not one of my favorite things to do. But,  I do it when I absolutely have it. And, believe it or not I even made breakfast at 6am! That doesn't happen very often either. Usual breakfast is anytime after 10am on most days/weekends. Mr. D. is not usually happy about that but I'm working on it, we've seen worse days on the issue of breakfast. I'm just not a morning/breakfast kind of person.

Anyways, we spent all of our Saturday in Bmore/DC. We went to Bmore for a mission, once that was completed we headed to DC to visit Mr. D's friend, who prepared some delicious meals for us, it made me feel like I was back home eating in a canteen. I think I will be incorporating some of the small tips I picked up from that dish in my future dishes. Oh, and did I mention it was a guy. On our way back to Jersey we made another stop in Bmore to visit more of Mr. D's friends. I think we finally got back home around 1 am on Sunday morning, so it was a long day, but fun.

For this fun, yet casual day. I choose this casual outfit.

Don't mind my corny looking face here

 #top, jeans & jewelry: F21 #belt: h&m #shoe: rack room shoes #bag: Nine west

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