P.P.S (Plantains, Potatoes and Stew)

Hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine hanging out and bounding with my hubby. It was a relaxing weekend.

I made this very simple and casual dinner on Friday night after getting the green light from hubby. Sometimes Mr.D. would come home and request to have a very small portion or lite dinner and other days he eats like the man he is. So, I've made the mistake in the past of making lite dinners and after he's done eating that, he is back in the kitchen for seconds or the fridge scavenger hunting for something or anything else he could lay his hands on to eat.  So, I texted him right before he left work to see what he was in the mood for, and I'm glad it was a lite dinner day.

Even though I got the confirmation for a lite dinner, I still had no idea what I was going to make. I had some plantains that have been sitting there for a while and were very rip, so I knew I had to fry them even if we're not eating them that night because if I'd left them for another day or two it would have become too soft for my liking. So I started frying those, half way through I thought about how nice it would be if I had yams so I could just fry that as well like (dun-dun). Well, since I didn't have any yam, the next best thing was potatoes, so I went with that. While I was frying the last batch of potatoes, I thought to myself we're not going to be eating dry plantains and potatoes with no sort of sauce are we? I still had some pepper soup left in the fridge but I felt like it wouldn't go well with the dish. I needed to make something thick, pasty and spicy. So I brought out some tomatoes and onions, diced them and some 5 mins later, I have a well fitting stew for the dish. Hence, the dishes I don't spend hours planning usually turns out being the best. It was so good and yummy that we both placed our forks aside and the fingers went to work!

For drinks, I made iced country peach passion and cozy chamomile herbal tea mixed with apple juice.

Happy Monday!!!

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